Chicago Aeronuts Bulletin Vol. IV No. 3 (Nov. 1939)

Chicago Aeronuts Bulletin Vol. IV No. 3 (Nov. 1939)

Members as of this issue:

George Ahlander
Charles Belsky
Robert Crowly
Robert DeBatty
Dushan Desich
Walter Fromm
Vito Garofalo
Sam Gibellino (?)
Carl Goldberg
William Hollis
Milton Huguelet
Alex Ligas
Ed Lidgard
Joe Limosani
Joe Matulis
Alex Nekimken
Joe Redman
Gerald Ritzenthaler
John Rosen
Marvin Setzke
Henry Shaperio
Wally Simmers
Armando Sinibaldo
Louis Tucker
Pete Vacco
Robert Wolsey

"Our Favorite Outdoor Sport" Wolsey/Fromm


About wil

I am a grandson of Chicago Aeronut Otto Curth. I lived in Rockford when I was young, but moved to Southern California in 1985. It didn't quite kill the opportunity to model with my grandfather, but it certainly hampered it. Since I wasn't (and probably won't ever be) able to join the club, I decided to at least set up this site to help preserve and share the history for anyone who may have an interest.
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