1940s Contest Results

Here are two newspaper clippings I’ve been sent recently. The first is a Daily Times article from 13 May, 1940, sent by Jim Tangney. The second is a Times article by the same author on 28 April, 1945, sent by my aunt (Otto Curth’s daughter), Melcy Pond.

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New updates, and more to come!

I’ve recently posted two magazine articles about the Chicago Aeronuts. The first was written by Ed Lidgard and published in “Air Trails” in 1946. The second was written by Art Christensen and published in “American Modeler” in 1959. Art passed away earlier this month, and I was contacted by his nephew, Gene Christensen, a current Aeronut. Gene sent the two photographs below. He would like help identifying the people in them.

Unknown, Art Christensen, Wally Fromm and Unknown

Unknown, Art Christensen

I hope this new blog format, once I get used to it, will make updates easier for me, and allow people interested in the site to better interact.

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