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This site was put together by Wil Heitritter (grandson of Aeronut Otto Curth). I lived in Rockford when I was young, but moved to Southern California in 1985. It didn’t quite kill the opportunity to model with my grandfather, but it certainly hampered it. Since I wasn’t (and probably won’t ever be) able to join the club, I decided to at least set up this site to help preserve and share the history for anyone who may have an interest.

I would have loved to have been accepted into the Aeronuts, but wearing the t-shirt was about as far as I got (from Model Aviation):

Note mispellings: names should be “Otto Curth” and “Wil Heitritter”.

This is not an official site of the Chicago Aeronuts.

3 Responses to About this site

  1. Danielle Nekimken says:

    Contact info?
    I can’t seem to find your contact info on this blog. I am the grandaughter of Frank Nekimken. I may have some items to contribute to your blog. How would I do that?

  2. maggi cameron says:

    My father Frank Cisco was an Aeronut for many years and i too wore the yellow tshirt as we retrieved planes at Bong field in Wisconsin. I have several photos to share…can you email me?

  3. Jeff Goldenberg says:

    Hi Wil:

    Stumbled upon your site by accident. Love the articles and pictures. My uncle Sam Goldenberg was one of the founding partners of Comet Model Airplane and Supply. Among those who worked or were associated with the company were Carl Goldberg, Joe Konefes and Sid Axelrod (later of Top Flite Models fame). Anyway, it’s great to see and read things that make a connection to my dad and uncle and to great old days.


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