1940s Contest Results

Here are two newspaper clippings I’ve been sent recently. The first is a Daily Times article from 13 May, 1940, sent by Jim Tangney. The second is a Times article by the same author on 28 April, 1945, sent by my aunt (Otto Curth’s daughter), Melcy Pond.

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I am a grandson of Chicago Aeronut Otto Curth. I lived in Rockford when I was young, but moved to Southern California in 1985. It didn't quite kill the opportunity to model with my grandfather, but it certainly hampered it. Since I wasn't (and probably won't ever be) able to join the club, I decided to at least set up this site to help preserve and share the history for anyone who may have an interest.
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  1. Charles Klivans says:

    I know most of the people including John Bock (deceased) as ‘UNKNOWN” in the 1943 picture. He is number 5 (unknown) . John flew mostly rubber as I did when I qualified for the club. John was a paratrooper and prison guard in WWII. Jules Carrett, Otto Curth, John Bock , and I were all students and graduates at The Illinois Institute of Technology onn 33rd and Federal, and John and I and Frank Garcher (Mayor of a city I can’t remember in Indiana) all worked at Comet Model Airplane and Supply Company on about 22nd and State Street during the war , plus serving in the armed forces. Jules and I were Navy, John was Air Force and Army. By the way, my name is “Klivans” not Klevans. I flew mostly power (Class A and B) and won the Mid-West Model Contest in 1950, Class B gas. I still have the engraved watch Charles Klivans, cklivans@att.net 1203 West Bullock Street, Denison TX 75020: 903-465-5828

  2. Charles Klivans says:

    I am still alive. I took up Sailplanes in 1972 and have a Soaring Society of America Silver Badge #3360, John Bock also had a Masters Degree in Aerodynamics and was a Sailplane Instructor, and flew my Sailplane (Schweizer 1-26 #50.) P.S. I am 86 and going out for Bowling on Monday Aug. 29th.

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